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To quote Game, "I was killin' niggas who misunderstood what 'deceased' is."

This is that obligatory deviantArt post where I apologize about not posting for a couple posts and tell everyone I'm not dead. School's over, so that's cool. I've actually been animating a bit, gone back to the project I started back in January. I'm more or less restarting from square one since it's hard to jump back into a project that's stagnated for so long, but I hadn't made all that much progress so it's no real loss. I'm still confident it'll turn out well, assuming it turns out anything.

You might've also seen that I posted some static art the other day. It was originally going to be part of a larger piece to fulfill an anon's request on the /mlp/ drawfriend thread, but a Gimp crash caused that to fall through. But I've at least started getting active in the /vp/ and /mlp/ drawing threads and posting some drawings there, but I haven't made anything I think is worth posting here. Most of it is just me fucking around trying to find the best way to draw ponu, but hopefully some stuff will start turning out good enough for me to move on from requests to stuff drawn specifically for deviantArt.

So that's that. This blog post can be summed up and closed with the words of Rick Ross: "Rich nigga talkin' big shit."


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I'm an invincible teenager
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United States
In addition to everything you see here, I'm an animator on the Super Smash Ponies team, so go check 'em out.

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